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LSBU and its partner network are offering Londoners the opportunity to study an accredited Unit of Level 4 across the sectors Digital, Health and Social Care, Creative Industries and Green Economy.

Develop an understanding of the benefit of higher-level skills and how this can lead to career progression, Level 4 and above qualifications, or higher level and degree apprenticeships.

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We provide placements and apprenticeships from our network of universities, technical colleges and other higher education institutions.

Employing trainees and interns isn't a one-way relationship where, as an experienced employer, you pass on your knowledge without anything in return. Our young learners bring their perspective, enthusiasm and the latest methods directly from their learning institution.

Our student consultant was an absolute joy to work with. Bringing a world view and work ethic that was more than we could have wished for.

Chris Crocker
Founder, Good Koffee

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Training and education is aligned to the Mayor of London's priorities, creating a clear pathway from Aspire to areas of development and employment

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Frequently asked questions

What is expected of me?

Each Level 4 unit will require a commitment of learning for a specific period of time to ensure that you successfully complete the programme. This will vary depending on the unit and content chosen.

As part of the project, you will also be required to develop a detailed coaching plan, alongside the help of professionals, to ensure that SMART targets are set out across achievable and realistic milestones.

This project is designed to help you improve your labour market position in the dynamic and fast changing world of work. Remaining committed, flexible, and willing is key for being successful.

How much does this cost?

Participation in this programme is completely free. It is fully funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Additional support for travel to and from places of study and other expenses will vary depending on the provider and the support they are able to offer. These options will be discussed during your enrolment.

How long will it take?

This project will run until September 2023. As a participant, you may study for a period of of up to 6 months depending on the timetable set by each learning provider, your progression and availability.

This is something that will be discussed during the initial enquiry stages. If you can’t find a course that suits your needs, please get in touch with us using the Expression of Interest form as some of the units are not live yet.

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